This training is tailored to meet the needs of all engine room personnel. Our training focuses on systems rather than individual equipment.

Objective: To deliver up-to-date, realistic training that provides knowledge, confidence, and competence for safe and cost-effective operation of the auxiliary boiler system.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Tracing the various systems and making a line sketch of each system
  • Demonstrate the correct procedures for starting up and shutting down the boiler system
  • Conduct inspection on the various equipment in the system, explain why/how the equipment are in such a condition
  • Conduct testing of the various boiler mounted safety devices

After successfully completing this training, students will have the necessary competency to:

  • Understand the various systems and how each piece of equipment in the system has an impact on other equipment in the system
  • Understand how operation are planned and carried out in accordance with established rules and procedures to ensure safety of operation
  • Deviations from the norm are promptly identified and rectified


1. General Principle
2. Boiler Construction
3. Boiler System

  • Feed water
  • Fuel
  • Steam

4. Boiler Mountings
5. Operation of Boiler System

  • Starting up boiler system
  • Shutting down boiler system
  • Change over fuels, H.F.O. to D.O.

6. Daily Maintenance and Checks

  • Blowing down the boiler
  • Blowing down the gauge glass
  • Soot blowing
  • Chemical test
  • Fault finding

7. Burners

  • Combustion of fuel in boilers
  • Operation
  • Maintenance

8. Exhaust Gas Boilers / Exhaust Gas Economiser

  • Operation
  • Maintenance

9. Boiler Maintenance, Inspection, And Repairs

  • Boiler manhole door
  • Setting safety valves
  • Boiler controls and alarms

10. Uptake Fires
11. Feed Water Treatment

Methodology: A practical hands-on-training is used to maximum possible advantage. This training is interwoven with the use of training videos, lectures, and discussion

Certificates: Issued to candidates who successfully pass the final evaluation. 

Duration of the course:   Five (5) days

Location: UMTC