As a result of the improved operating procedures learned during the courses, we are saving on time and expensive spare parts.

Our company commenced using the training facility of RJH Consultancy in early 2004. Our Managers who have attended during the training have been very impressed in the unique "interactive" way in which the training was conducted, and the end results have been very positive for our vessels.

Ship Superintendents, Masters and Chief Engineer's alike, have reported a distinct increase in the ability of our seafarers to properly operate and maintain the machinery covered in the courses.

We are now observing that, as a result of the improved operating procedures learned during the courses, we are saving on time and expensive spare parts required during routine machinery overhauls.

The trainer's evaluation of our seafarers has been invaluable in ensuring our principals are supplied with only highly competent seamen.

I would thoroughly recommend the training offered by RJH Consultancy to any company looking to improve the knowledge and skills of their engineering staff.

Company Representative PacBasin Ship Management, Inc



RJH is the right place to train.”

Over the last decade, we invited RJH consultancy several times to our annual Fleet Officer Seminars to offer our Marine Engineers a refresher training on Marine Lubrication and Fuel Management issues. The unique teaching style of Rick, combining his fundamental marine engineering knowledge with logic thinking and addressing both using an engaging and personalized, yet professional approach, pays off again and again. Another guaranty for successful training with RJH is Rick`s active Chief Engineer ship-board experience, since this keeps him up-to-date and places Rick right into the middle of his “students”, an advantage only a few shore based instructors have nowadays.

If you want to ensure that, your engine machinery is correctly handled and maintained; and your engineers understand systems, and not single components only  - RJH is the right place to train.— CAPT. RENE DZICKI
Head of Training Department
Intership Navigation Co. Ltd



KGJSM have now used your training course for some time. The feedback from participants and ships is that it gives them value for the money and that the knowledge of and maintenance level of the equipment they are trained on has improved. We are satisfied with the training and will continue to utilize your courses. Keep up the good work.

Owners Representative
KGJS Fleet Management Manila



Mr. Hartley applies the Hands on approach in order to ensure the effective transfer of competency on its participants.”

Duracom Mobile Power Corporation, an Independent Power Producer, located in Navotas, has been engaging the training services of RJH Consultancy, Incorporated since 2001.

The Courses capture the topics that will enrich the knowledge and skills of our associates. The modules are practical and Mr. Hartley applies the Hands on approach in order to ensure the effective transfer of competency on its participants. He is also highly interactive making the program more interesting. The examination conducted at the end of the course measures the level of appreciation and understanding of its’ students.

I highly recommend this course to other companies who need the kind of training.

Deputy General Manager

“I thoroughly recommend this course.

Barber Ship Management has been using the training facility of RJH Incorporated at the Norwegian Training facility since 2003. 

Our reason for selecting their training courses was the focus on Practical hands on training which was continuously updated to incorporate the latest Product features from the manufacturer. We were also very impressed with the testing conducted at the end of the Course which ensures that the Students leave the course with more than just a completion certificate.

Our Principals and staff have reported that this course has improved operation and maintenance of equipment onboard and helped in preserving the Marine Environment.

I thoroughly recommend this course to other Shipping Companies and believe that we shall continue to utilize this excellent training in the future to improve the competence of our Seafarers.

General Manager
Barber Ship Management – Rep. Office


We shall continue to send our seafarers to courses offered by this company.”

Our company has been using the training facility of RJH Consultancy for a number of years, and have carefully monitored the results of this training through post course interview and through evaluation of application of the training on board our vessels, both of which have been extremely positive.

We congratulate this company on their dedication to ensure effective training, and in their integrity in ensuring trainees are not issued with course certification unless they can demonstrate through final examination that the training has been effective.

We shall continue to send our seafarers to courses offered by this company, and would encourage other companies who are dedicated to genuine upgrading of their seafarers knowledge and skills.

Owners Representative
Anglo-Eastern Crew Management Philippines Inc.

The course enabled our engineers to properly maintain said equipment thus making the company save on expensive repair costs.”

Our Company decided to use RJH’s training facility when our Chief Engineer paid it a visit one time and recommended that Module 2 of the Alfa Laval training course be taken by our Filipino Engine Officers.

His primary purpose that time was to provide the necessary skills foe our engineers to deal with the Ship Separators and Power Auxiliary Systems. Little did he know and it was realized later on that our company was able to cut on maintenance cost and expensive overhaul of the equipment on board our vessels. The course enabled our engineers to properly maintain said equipment thus making the company save on expensive repair costs.

From interviews I conducted from our officers who have undergone the course, everybody was very appreciative having enrolled in the course. They attested that the course have helped than a lot in their understanding of the equipment they handled on board.

The most impressive part of the training is the “hands-on” session which somehow gave them the confidence in dismantling the equipment them back again.

This I believe should be the essence of training, not just dealing on the theoretical aspect of the course but dealing more on the practical “hands-on” exercise, giving them the feeling of “this is it!”

And I should say that RJH succeeded in this aspect, making the training more than just a theoretical training.

The course is ably handled by the “Filipinized” Mr. Rick Hartley making the session more lively and meaningful.

To this I would like to congratulate RJH Consultancy in their endeavor to come up with “qualified” and “quality” trainees. Trainees who am sure passed the course fully equipped with the knowledge and experience they need.

And the other thing I love about the course is the encouragement from Mr. Hartley himself to encourage trainees to write to him any problem they might encounter on the course of doing their job on board re Separators and Auxiliary Machineries.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS…………for a job well done!

Training Coordinator
Ace Navigation – Vela Division

We have been using RJH for quite some time now and feel their courses are a valuable means to enhance the hands on engineering knowledge of our Filipino Engineers. The training is very practical and the different modules offer something each levels of competence. Learning by doing is an important aspect of the courses. Combined with the quality of instructors this explains why RJH engineering modules have been so successful.

Owner Representative P&O Nedlloyd


"We appreciate the quality and integrity."

Westfal-Larsen Management (Far East) have been using the training courses of RJH Consultancy Inc. since the beginning. All our engineers undergo the Purifiers and Auxiliary Equipment Courses – Module 1 and 2. We find that the training conducted is kept at a level where both the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills are taken care of.

Considering the quality of the fuels being burnt on board vessels today, it is utmost importance that the engineers handling the fuel equipment is capable and have the necessary understanding on solving the problems that may arise.

RJH do maintain the quality in the courses they offer, which can be seen on the quality of the maintenance on the fuel systems on board our vessels.

We appreciate the quality and integrity of the RJH Consultancy, not least the fact that there is a final exam after each course. And those who do not pass the exam will not be issued a course certificate.

Owner’s Representative - Westfal-Larsen Management AS (Far East)

"RJH really does go the extra mile."

Wallem Maritime Services, lnc., utilize the training services offered by RJH and can say with certainty that those who have undergone training have definitely benefited from the knowledge gained. We have concluded this from post course debriefing as well as from the on board assessment feedback reports from management teams on board various vessels.

RJH really does go the extra mile in helping course participants to grasp and understand the subject matter being discussed and they are to be congratulated for the dedication they display towards maritime education and training. Their integrity is demonstrated by the unbiased course evaluation they provide on individual participants and by the fact that should a participant not come up to the mark in the final examination, they are not given a certificate.

We will definitely continue to send seafarers to courses offered by RJH and in our view others should definitely do likewise to benefit from the devoted and genuine training on offer at RJH.

Director - Wallem Maritime Services, Inc.



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